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About Artistic Stamped Concrete Of Maryland

Artistic Stamped Concrete Of Maryland LLC began with Bob Salotto. As an in-ground pool designer I noticed that when I put stamped concrete around my pool designs it gave the project a better look than without it. Being a fraction of the price for natural stone, slate, or brick it provided a cost efficient and aesthetically pleasing alternative that was actually more durable. Noticing this demand being present on increasingly more projects, I decided to start my own company in the Maryland area exclusively providing stamped concrete as a service in 1998. Because of my passion for art, I wanted to provide unique designs in every concrete project that we offer and now almost two decades later, our gallery and customer satisfaction speak for themselves. We expanded into pavers, paver walls, LED outdoor lighting, and Tiki projects to accentuate our hardscaping projects. We are MHIC licensed and insured. Lic#117914

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