Outdoor Lighting

Let us shed a little light on the subject….


Driveway lighting can make the difference for a lot of things, especially whether or not the UPS delivery drivers knock over your lawn ornaments. Artistic Stamped Concrete of Maryland has a full concrete lighting array to give you options on how you keep the lights on at night. When it comes to walkway lighting, something about not having to navigate through landscaping to find your front door adds an air of elegance to your property. Let us help you choose a lighting assembly that makes the most sense for how you want your property to look. Call Us Today For a Consultation.


Yard Lighting takes more than just an eye for landscaping and a few light bulbs. When you created your landscape design, it was to make your home look nicer, more beautiful, more elegant… but that shouldn’t stop at sundown. As you browse our gallery you’ll see we have an eye for art, and we use yard lighting to magnify the same accents from your landscape design giving your property the same look 24 hours a day. We’ll be happy to choose what’s best for your home based on your design. Call Us Today For a Consultation.

Not to be confused with Tiki Pool Planning and Tiki Landscaping, Tiki Lighting is what we do after the Tiki plan is installed so you have a nice, relaxing place to relax after dusk too. Our LED lighting incorporates your pool, pool deck, and landscaping right down to the Tiki hut/Tiki huts. We’ll turn your yard into a nice place to relax with your family and friends for as long as you like.  Call Us Today For a Consultation.

Pool Lighting can be confusing when talking with any contractor. The pool contractor only does in-pool lighting. The Landscape contractor only does yard lighting and sometimes walkway lighting is a craps shoot. We figured we’d take the hassle out of figuring out how many people you need to call for your property. We’ll do it all…. Yard, Walkways, Driveways, Pool, heck we’ll even install those bar lights for your Tiki Bar so you’re not trying to serve drinks to your friends in the dark. Call Us Today For a Consultation.