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Welcome To Artistic Stamped Concrete of Maryland Inc.

Premier Stamped Concrete Contractor Serving Central Maryland. MHIC Licensed & Insured. Lic#72267

Artistic Stamped Concrete Of Maryland LLC is a Hardscape Contractor .

Hardscape is solid or hard materials used in landscape designs, such as stamped concrete, natural stone, brick, or pavers, etc. Softscape is the planting beds, grass, trees, mulch beds, garden, etc.

Artistic Stamped Concrete Of MD specializes in Decorative Concrete for all of Central Maryland.  Our designs and custom arrangements are implemented to make your property one-of-a-kind. (And who said you have to live in Chevy Chase to have a luxury home anyway?) We specialize in Hardscapes with Pavers and Decorative concrete. Here are a couple examples:

Considering decorative or stamped concrete design? Call Us for a consultation and we’ll be glad to help, or Click Here to browse our gallery for ideas.

Artistic Stamped Concrete of MD is fully equipped to provide all of your stamped concrete needs. Most people consider stamped concrete to be another name for decorative concrete, and in a lot of ways, it is. We want to make a distinction between the two so you can have more versatility in how you decide how you want your property to look. For the purpose of clarification with Artistic Stamped Concrete of MD, we’re going to create a Stamped Concrete category for making impressions or designs in concrete. Rather than having some differences in color or patterns on the stone itself… we’re going to call “Stamped” concrete anything that makes an impression or design in the concrete (Such as a compass, crab stamp, Cobblestone pattern, etc.) Stamped. Here’s an Example.


Now we recognize not everyone has a nautical background and may not see fit to imprint a compass in your front walk… but in order to do this with concrete we have to “Stamp” it with the pattern or design you’d like. The stone around the design for the purpose of clarification is “Decorative Concrete” (The pattern of the stone), and the color of the stone falls under one of the colors in our “Colored Concrete” categories on the Decorative Concrete Page.

Paving Stones are basically measure and cut concrete bricks that we can use like legos to make Retaining Walls, Garden Walls, flower beds, and more. We can arrange paving stones to make steps to accentuate your walkway, koi pond walls, and pretty much anything you can imagine right down to your gazebo. Here’s an example:


The colored paving blocks in the walkway around the pond fall under our “Decorative Concrete” Category. The wall surrounding the pond with the waterfall is a “Paver Wall” and as you can see is an arrangement of concrete “Paving Stones”. These types of walls give some artistic value to your gardens, flowers and other variations of landscape design.

Patios and Decks can be any combination of Decorative Concrete, Stamped Concrete, and/or Paving Stones. It’s really a matter of personal preference. Artistic Stamped Concrete of Maryland understands that when you think of a deck more often than not most people think of wood, but things can get creative and have better functionality with a concrete deck. When it comes to Pool Decks, it’s very difficult to have any wood retain its look or sturdiness around so much water. A raised aggregate concrete deck gives symmetry. Here are some examples:

If you’re considering a concrete option for your deck we’ll be glad to provide a free phone consultation or you can Call Today for an Estimate! (410) 882-0921


Artistic Stamped Concrete of Maryland understands that outdoor lighting can make the difference between people finding your house easily… and not. When it comes to trick or treating, studies have shown that lighted properties tend to have more visitors and overall year round reduce the risk of crime because people will think twice about who will see them when your property has adequate lighting. Walkway lighting prevents accidents for mail carriers and deliveries, pool deck and patio lighting makes it safer for your to invite family and friends over as well. Here are some examples of the outdoor lighting solutions and designs we provide:


Considering Outdoor Lighting Solutions for your property? We’d be glad to help. Call For a Consultation or visit our Outdoor Lighting Page and browse through more of our options.


Artistic Stamped Concrete of Maryland is first artistic, and then a contractor. When it comes to pool decks and Tiki Bars we have no parallel. Making your property a one-of-a-kind masterpiece is not only our specialty, but our claim to fame. We want you to have a back yard experience that can’t be found in three counties around you. Here are some examples of what we mean: